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Eden Art was set up by former lecturer of Art at Elmwood College. Over her art career and training, Jaclyn noticed a gap in the teaching of art fundamentals such as perspective, measuring,observation, tonal work and colour theory. Eden Art was created to help people of all ages learn the craftmanship of art and develop their own expression. Classes were  set up in  St Andrews for adults and children so that they can learn these techniques and at the same time find their artistic voice and express it with confidence. Eden art for a time developed into a small arts and craft hub which offered dressmaking and other craft based courses. A number of different tutors ran these courses but in the endit was not profitable. Jaclyn Stuart is now the sole tutor offereing a wide variety of fine art classes for adults and children. 

Art Tutor and Owner Jaclyn Stuart graduated from Grays School of Art in 2000. She was also a lecturer in Art and Design at both Elmwood college and Adam Smith college in Fife until 2011 when she started Eden Art.

She is married and has 2 boys .

She likes beach combing and baking. You can see Jaclyn's own art work by heading over to

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