Terms and Conditions


  • "Enrolment form" means the form relating to the booking or re-booking of the student for a term. 

  • "Fees" mean the value chargeable to attend a class for a term 

  • "Term" is the length of the school term, in between main holiday periods.


  • All agreements and issues relating to the teaching of the classes by Eden Art to the student are subject to the terms and conditions

  • These terms and conditions shall be deemed to be accepted by the parent/guardian/student once the enrolment form has been signed and confirmation of payment of fees had been received by Eden Art 

  • Eden Art may cancel this contract at any time before the student commences a term. Eden Art shall not accept responsibility for any loss or damage whatever arising from such a cancellation but will refund fees paid for the remaining term. 


  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the parent/guardian/ student agrees not to share any aspects of Eden Art programme with a third party who may be involved in a business that operates in the same market as Eden Art. 

  • The parent/student  warrants that the information given on the enrolment form is accurate and up to date in all respects at the point of enrolling. Any changes will be sent by the parent/guardian to Eden Art immediately.

  • It is the parent/guardian responsibility to inform Eden Art of any medical conditions at the point of enrolling. This includes behavioural disorders. 

  • Eden Art will have the sole right to exclude the student either permanently or for such a period as Eden Art shall determine if deemed necessary for the safety and well being of other students. 

Limitation of liability

  • The parent/guardian/student agrees that any claim made against Eden Art will be made in writing within 30 days of the incident taking place and failure to report in writing within this time will negate any such claim

  • Eden Art accepts no responsibility for loss or damage or expense incurred by a student or parent/guardian arising directly or indirectly connected with attending a class

Fees and Payment 

  • The parent/guardian/student shall pay for fees for the term to Eden Art prior to the student commencing a term

  • The fees are not refundable in any circumstances other than with the written consent of Eden Art 

  • Fees will not be refunded if a student misses a class  unless it is due medical conditions affected directly as a result of chemical or substance used in a class. Written notification is needed to process this refund


  •  10 days notice is required before the start of an adult 10 week block, if a student wishes to cancel. A £50 non refundable deposit will be taken if notice is given later than the 10 days policy. This can also be deducted if the  full payment has already been paid and the rest will be refunded back to the student. If a student cancels during the block, no refund will be given. 

  • 10 days notice is required for any children's term time classes if a student wishes to cancel their space before the term commences.  A £30 non refundable deposit will be taken if notice is given later than the 10 days policy. If a student cancels during the block no refund will be given,

  • If a student wishes to cancel a taster session, they must give 10 days notice. The full cost of the taster would be nonrefundable if notice is given later than the 10 day policy. 

  • 10 days notice is required if a student wishes to cancel their space on a holiday class. If a child wishes to cancel their payment will be refunded in the form of a voucher so that they can attend a future holiday class. 

  • In special circumstances the fee can be waivered. This can be waived by discussing in writing with the owner. 

Complaints and feedback

  • Questions, concerns or complaints should be directed to the class teacher or email eden.art@hotmail.com 

Data Protection

  • from April 2018, at the time of signing up for a course, students are invited to opt in for their contacts to remain on our database, for future communications from ourselves.  In addition, students are invited to opt into being on the emailing list for information about personal art shows/info about our art tutor, Jaclyn Stuart

  • pre-2018 students are contacted to ensure they are happy for us to retain their contact details for the Eden Art database.  They are also invited to give permission to use their contact details for news about Jaclyn Stuart, artist.

  • students' personal details and contacts are not released to any third party

  • students can at any time tell us to remove their contacts from our emailing list/s

  • We only use your information to contact you concerning a class that you are signed up for, to promote future classes t or to notify you about any new work of art exhibitions concerning Jaclyn Stuart art.

  • The information we hold is your name, email, phone number and address. If you child attends the class then we will also have their name, age and any medical information that may be needed to help them during class. 

  • The information is kept on Jaclyn Stuarts laptop and Eden Art's admin assistant laptop in the form of a database. Jaclyn Stuart also has a folder of enrolement forms held in her home. Eden Art's admin assistant. There is also a book with written information at the hall with children's names and emergecny contacts. This is only for children currently attending a class. 

  • Our website is run by wix.com. You can view wix website privacy policy here


Eden Art works with a wide variety of art materials and substances. All necessary health and safety procedures are in place. Eden Art accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property. All personal property is the responsibility of the student and should be kept in a safe place.